Schematic Design of 1440H Vision


• The Challenge of Achieving Healthy Human Development
• The Challenge of Securing Strong and Sustainable Economic Growth
• The Challenge of Promoting Good Governance
• The Challenge of Strengthening Peace and Stability
• The Challenge of Fostering a Powerful Sense of Common Identity,
• Consciousness and Empathy as Members of the Ummah
• The Challenge of Restoring the Image of the Muslim World



By the year 1440 Hijrah IDB shall have become a world-class development bank, inspired by Islamic principles, that has helped significantly transform the landscape of comprehensive human development in the Muslim world and helped restore its dignity.
The Mission of IDB is to promote comprehensive human development, with a focus on the priority areas of alleviating poverty, improving health, promoting education, improving governance and prospering the people.


1. IDB shall be a corporate Khalifah for development. It must guide and lead based on Islamic precepts of comprehensive human development;

2. IDB shall be proactive. It must reach out rather than wait to be approached;

3. IDB shall seek the support and cooperation of the governments concerned for any project. Their views should also be sought and heard;

4. IDB shall ascertain the needs and aspirations of target communities before formulating any programme;

5. IDB should consult closely with the stakeholders of every proposed programme, and design the programme in close collaboration with them wherever possible. Ultimately, it is the community itself that is the most important stakeholder;

6. IDB shall encourage local initiative where there is promise; and

7. IDB’s general approach shall be to communicate the “how to” rather than “gift” a completed project. However, where initiative, skills or work ethics are lacking, IDB should consider carrying out a project itself.

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
1 Reform IDB The changes in the strategic environment impinging upon IDB as well as the changes to the IDB Vision and Mission that the Commission proposes multiply the demands on the Bank and make reform imperative. Adjustments to the focus and priorities of the Bank, and the additional responsibilities the Bank is being asked to undertake also require changes to IDB organisation, and a very substantial enhancement of its capacity and resources. 1. IDB should begin the process by adopting the new Vision and Mission.
2. Membership in IDB should automatically qualify a Member Country for services offered by the affiliates.
3. A quantum increase in the focus on human development, with priority given to achieving the goals related to poverty, health, education and the empowerment of women identified in the relevant Key Strategic Thrusts.
4. IDB’s institutional capacity to give greater attention to country-focused development strategies should also be significantly enhanced.
5. IDB’s research and training facility. should be upgraded to full consultancy.
6. A strong Public Affairs Office should be established in IDB within a year to manage critical information, media and publicity matters.
7. More decentralisation of authority and decision-making in the organization and the transformation should be effected within a year.
8. IDB should transform itself into a knowledge-based bank.
9. The Bank becomes a much more networked organization.
10. The Bank should also act as a network builder for Member Countries, linking assets and knowledge from the sources of supply to the areas where it is most needed by initiating new institutions or strengthening existing ones according to needs.
11. The Bank should leverage upon its lending to promote good governance and performance where desirable.
12. IDB should embrace global best practices in every aspect of its operations in order to become a world-class organization.
13. IDB needs to ensure that it has at its disposal all the capital.
14. IDB should raise its subscribed and authorized capital substantially.
Total : 14

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
2 Poverty
Alleviating poverty must continue to be the most important comprehensive human development focus of the IDB Group, until poverty is no longer a prominent feature of the Muslim landscape. Nothing detracts from wellbeing and dignity like poverty. Along with poverty there is hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy, disease, crime and instability. Poor people are not respected. They are looked down upon. The Muslim world cannot regain its dignity and esteem if so many of its inhabitants are destitute.

1. Reduce by three quarters the proportion of the population living on less than US$1 per day.
2. Halve the poverty rate of Member Countries whose poverty rate is presently above 40 per cent.
3. Reduce by three quarters or more the poverty rate of Member Countries whose rate is presently below 40 per cent.
4. IDB should also work with the governments of non-Member Countries with significant Muslim populations to help broadly achieve the same targets for their population.
5. Opening land for agriculture, distributing seeds and fertiliser for cultivation, irrigating land, providing skills training, creating jobs through establishing mass-employment basic industries, creating agricultural and fisheries cooperatives and providing micro-financing based on Islamic principles are some of the measures that can be considered. IDB can also provide policy and technical advice on poverty eradication.
IDB Group
6. The Bank should help develop Zakat, Awqaf and Sadaqat institutions

Partnership IDB Group
Total : 06

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
3 Health
This Key Strategic Thrust should address the most severe and debilitating threats to health in the Muslim world. These are child mortality, maternal health, diseases including HIV/AIDS and malaria, and environmental sustainability (access to safe drinking water and sanitation).
1. Reduce by three quarters the under-five death rate (the MDG target by comparison is a reduction of two thirds by 1436 Hijrah (2015);
2. Reduce by 90 per cent the maternal mortality rate (the MDG target is 75 per cent);
3. Check and reverse on a sustainable basis the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases (the MDG shares the same target); and
4. Reduce by two thirds the number of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation (the MDG target is reduction by half). IDB should also be vigilant against the emergence of new pandemics such as avian flu. They have the potential to wipe out millions, Muslims as well as non-Muslims, across the globe

Total : 04

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
4 Education
IDB should set a target of universalising both primary as well as secondary education by 1440 Hijrah.
1. IDB should set a target of universalising both primary as well as secondary education by 1440 Hijrah.

2. Developing the skills and capacity essential for the development of knowledge-based economies.

3. The inculcation of moral values, moderation and ethical conduct. IDB can work with Member Countries and Muslim religious institutions in non-Member Countries to ensure that the education curriculum reflects this important element.

4. IDB joint initiative with the poorer Member Countries to mobilise added funding and education materials. The primary targets for securing assistance should be the more affluent OIC Member Countries.

5. IDB can spearhead the establishment of an Education for All Movement in the Member Countries.

6. IDB can encourage research and development on quality education as well as affordable delivery of education to LDMCs.

7. Develop special programmes for women that equip them better for imparting knowledge to the very young.

8. IDB can help promote the growth of world-class science and technology institutions.

Total : 08

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
5 Prosper the People
1. All countries, whether rich or poor, Muslim or non-Muslim, desire greater prosperity.

2. The role that IDB plays with regard to prospering the people will be essentially in the form of providing policy recommendations and advice, providing consultancy services and as a knowledge bank.
1. Double, at the least, the GDP of all Member Countries;
2. Halve, at the least, the number of LDMCs; Partnership
3. Graduate, at the least, five Member Countries to the status of “Developed Nation” as classified by the World Bank; and
4. Halve, at the least, income inequity in all Member Countries. Growth with equity should be the economic development goal of all Member Countries.
5. identifying key growth areas and strategies to raise incomes IDB Group
6. Develop policy options and programmes for each of these areas in a comprehensive plan for the respective Member Countries to consider.
7. Provide policy and technical advice to assist the production-based economies of Member Countries transform themselves into more productive and competitive knowledge-based economies by providing policy and technical advice.
8. IDB could develop 20 templates that could be customized
for application in different countries.
IDB Group
Total : 08

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
6 Empower the Sisters of Islam
The Sisters of Islam are the greatest reservoir of untapped wealth and unfulfilled dignity that the Muslim world has. In a few Muslim countries, women are more economically, socially and politically empowered than even in some Western nations.
1. Campaigns in the relevant countries on the subject of the empowerment of women.

2. Support to civil society groups.
3. Provide expert advice to Member Countries on the creation of sustainable lending programmes with preferential terms and rates to women’s groups.

4. Schemes for women itself.
5. Investment in women businesses and women trade exhibitions; and Collaborate with Member Countries and relevant organisations to set up scholarships for women.

6. The IDB Group can empower the Sisters of Islam in the workplace.

Total : 06

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
7 Expand the Islamic Financial Industry
Islamic banking and finance is a signature product of IDB. They are virtually synonymous with
each other. IDB also needs to dramatically increase its financial resources and operations if it is to successfully implement the many added responsibilities that are being contemplated for it. The expansion and improvement of the Islamic financial industry is, therefore, a matter of considerable urgency.

1. Strengthen the infrastructure for governance of Islamic financial institutions and Bring it up to global standards

2. Expand the non-bank financial sector of the Islamic financial industry;

3. Upgrade the knowledge capacity and skills required to effectively manage the operational aspects of the financial sector.

4. Invest in a strong research and development facility to develop new financial products.

5. Cooperate with financial institutions that offer “Islamic” financial services with the aim of facilitating their Shari’ah compliance.

Total : 05

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
8 Facilitate Integration of Members Country Economies
Economic cooperation and integration in the face of globalisation is absolutely essential for IDB Member Countries.

It enables national economies to reduce economic barriers against each other, synergise on each other’s strengths and potentials for mutual benefit, and opens new doors for wealth creation. It also protects the weaker economies against the predatory pressures of the strong.
1. IDB Member Countries should be fully engaged in a dynamic and productive network of regional, OIC-wide and global economic cooperation arrangements by 1435 Hijrah.
2. Undertake feasibility studies on closer economic cooperation among Member Countries on a regional basis.
3. Explore the prospects and design specifications for a Preferred Free Trade Area for the Member Countries to initiate the economic cooperation process.
4. Significantly enhance the capacity of the IDB Group to provide training, technical expertise and policy advice to the LDMCs to assist them in World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations and accession.
Total : 04

S.N Strategic Thrust Rationale Target Programme Implementation Centre/Year
9 Improve the Image of the Muslim World
Terrorism notwithstanding, the battle for the Muslim world’s image will be essentially won or lost on the battlefield of comprehensive development. If the Muslim world, OIC and IDB are able to realise the Vision of IDB to a significant degree by 1440 Hijrah, the image of Muslims will improve dramatically

1. IDB can only play a minor role here, by supporting quality forums including forums on air, that explore not only the manifestations of terrorism but the causes as well, forums that can correctly highlight the issues on both sides, and forums that condemn both the terrorists as well as the injustices that breed them. The forums must also help rescue the teachings of Islam from abuse and distortion by both sides, and promote dialogue and understanding across civilisations..

Total : 01


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